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Family Floater

A family floater health insurance, as the name suggests is a plan that is tailor made for families. It is similar to individual health plans in principle; the only difference is that it is extended to cover your entire family. This acts as an umbrella of coverage for the entire family and therefore the name. A family floater health insurance is one of the best options when it comes to safeguarding the health of your loved ones. Since it is single policy offering family benefit, it relives you from the task of maintaining and keeping track of several insurance policies & offers affordability also.

The other benefit ; one can get from a family floater health insurance plan is that, in case one of the family member gets sick and has to be hospitalised, the total sum insured of the policy can be utilised by the un-well member of the family for treatment. Needless to say a family floater health insurance has options with higher sum insured than individual health plans hence the coverage is relatively greater in the formers case.

Family floater health insurance plans usually covers the individual, spouse and children. However, some insurance providers do have provision to cover dependent parents, siblings and parents-in-law. Hence this kind of policies are becoming more popular because of the advantages it offer.

Before selecting from various family floater health insurance plans one must do a thorough research to ascertain which features and benefits will suit them the most. On the face of it, all policies look identical and therefore reading the fine prints is imperative as it may save your considerable amount of money spend additionally to opt for better safeguard

Healthy Family

Medical expenses incurred due to the treatment of any ailment, surgery, hospitalization, etc. are covered under a health insurance plan. The cost can be reimbursed by the insurance company by submitting supportive required documents or by using the cashless service offered by the insurance company.

Family health insurance plan is a type of health insurance plan (also known as family floater plan), which covers all the members against various diseases and illnesses. Family health insurance covers your family with lowest premium depending on the age of the family members.


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Good service provided to me, employees of this company are also very good to explain the policy details and clarified all my doubts with patient over the phone. Helped me to choose the best health insurance policy for my parents. Good follow up for my renewal and claims settlement is cool.

I took health insurance for my mother from this company and am very happy with the services provided. Good customer support in cashless treatment

yerra nikhitha January 20, 2018

Services are excellent, these people have come personally to the hospital and settled hospital claim. Am happy Thank you Insurance Saathi.

Sumanth Bollavarapu March 21, 2018

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